About Us

Flamingo Credit Inc (NMLS#61581) is registered mortgage broker with New York State Department Of Financial Services and has been serving their clients since June of 2008.Year after year real estate professionals and consumers alike recognize that our experience, hard working attitude and high ethical values allow us successfully serve New York City community (Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island and Bronx). We have a wide variety of mortgage programs from different lenders to match our clients’ real estate financing needs.

Please meet our mortgage loan originator:

Yan Genkin/NMLS#61974

Yan Genkin is the founder and president of Flamingo Credit Inc. He has over 16 years of successful experience in real estate financing with different types of loans: jumbo & super jumbo mortgages, mortgages for foreigners and self-employed borrowers, FHA loans, mortgages for investors, etc. He looks forward to putting his knowledge, experience, goal-oriented mentality to work for you to ensure that the loan process with Flamingo Credit Inc goes above and beyond your expectations.